Mobiclock’s Geo-fence
And GPS Breadcrumbing Solution

Mobiclock’s® Geo-fence and GPS Breadcrumbing Solution

Key Features

Geo-Location Stamp

The MobiClocks® App allows you to view GPS location stamps of where an employee’s punches are initiated.

Create a Geo-Fence

Customizable Geo-Fence areas are assigned to jobsites. The MobiClocks apps use Geo-Fences to ensure employees are punching at the jobsite location.

Accurate Workforce Management Reports

MobiClocks® suite of reports will automatically compile all of the punch data of your employees in easily exportable reports.

How It Works?

Kiosk App - workers cannot punch if they are not on the job site. Punching works only inside the Geo-fence unless you disable this feature.

Every punch has a time and Geo-Location stamp. Combined with face recognition, this ensures the correct person is working at a company defined jobsite.

With the MobiClocks Personal App, some companies may choose to enable GPS Breadcrumbing and/or Job Site Auto Select which is helpful for employees who move from jobsite to jobsite.

MobiClocks convenient Job Site Switch makes it easy for mobile employees to switch their time between multiple jobsites daily.

Geo-fence and GPS Breadcrumbing features can be enabled or disabled as necessary by a system administrator.

Apps are available on an Iphone or Android phone.

Customer Reviews

Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall

HR Manager - Sky Fuel Aviation Services, LLC

Our business operates in several cities which makes keeping track of time and attendance and payroll always a challenge. MobiClocks allows us to manage all of our locations from one dashboard and process the payroll for each location much easier through an automated process which pushes employee time records from MobiClocks into QuickBooks with just a couple of mouse clicks. Simple. Great. We love it.
Jennifer Brownell

Jennifer Brownell

HR Manager - KD Construction of Florida, LLC

Mobiclocks makes time tracking easy, fast, and efficient for our employees and managers. The user interface is clean and well organized which makes working in the dashboard a breeze. The system really simplifies our payroll, job costing and also saves us a lot of time.
Brian Riffe

Brian Riffe

VP of IT at Baker Construction Enterprises

MobiClocks® is an invaluable tool for our field and gives us confidence that our co-workers’ time is tracked efficiently and accurately. The MobiClocks® team has proven to be savvy and responsive when dealing with Baker Construction Enterprises which is a large and complex organization. We look forward to a long relationship.
Glenn Fellows

Glenn Fellows

CFO - Universal Forming

MobiClocks® has proven to be an outstanding business partner. They are very responsive when questions or issues arise, and their product works very well. We eliminated the cellular expense of the old job clocks and the expense of purchasing and managing the punch keys. The facial recognition capability is helping to eliminate time theft.


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Can a jobsite have more than one Geo-fence?

Yes. Jobsites can have multiple geo-fences set to cover large areas such as airport terminals, campuses or an industrial complex.

Can employees punch on any jobsite’s Kiosk clock?

Yes. Job sites using the Kiosk App can punch in or out from any other location in the organization.

Are employees automatically clocked out on the Personal app once they leave a Geo-Fence?

No. However, after a set amount of time an employee leaves a Geo-Fence, they will get a notification saying they have left a Geo-Fence, and they will be given 3 options: Would they like to punch out? Would they like to continue working? And would they like to switch jobsites?

Does MobiClocks® support Union Pay Policies?

Yes, MobiClocks® has the ability to set customizable Union pay policies.

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