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Can a jobsite have more than one Geo-fence?

Yes. Jobsites can have multiple geo-fences set to cover large areas such as airport terminals, campuses or an industrial complex.

Can employees punch on any jobsite’s Kiosk clock?

Yes. Job sites using the Kiosk App can punch in or out from any other location in the organization.

Are employees automatically clocked out on the Personal app once they leave a Geo-fence?

No. However, after a set amount of time an employee leaves a Geo-Fence, they will get a notification saying they have left a Geo-Fence, and they will be given 3 options: Would they like to punch out? Would they like to continue working? And would they like to switch jobsites?

How does the optional GPS breadcrumbing on the Personal app work?

The system will give a GPS stamp of each punch made. With the full optional logging enabled, you will be able to see a breadcrumb trail of where the employee has been throughout the day. All logging will cease as soon as the employee punches out.

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