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The Future of Employee Workforce Management

Workforce management powered by true face recognition technology.

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Ideal For The Construction Industry

MobiClocks was built for the construction industry by construction executives with more than 100 years of combined experience in running projects which require a large labor force.

Clock Control Labor Costs
Clock Easy Time and Attendance
Clock Streamline payroll
Clock No More Buddy Punchers

The MobiWay!
Enhance your Profits

Simplified Payroll

Reduce the time it takes to process your payroll with MobiClocks®. The easy-to-use dashboard allows you to quickly identify problem punches each day. Combined with our in-App messaging feature, you can address any issues in real time and eliminate the frantic race to reach payroll processing deadlines.


Easy Time Logging

Time logging and attendance with MobiClocks® is very simple. It takes less than 2 seconds per punch per person. Use either the Kiosk or the Personal App to punch, and our Cloud based MobiDashboard or our MobiManagement App to control and organize your job site labor.


Eliminate Profit Fade

MobiClocks® is fast, accurate, and easy to use. Virtually eliminate buddy punchers and ghost employees with our True Face Recognition technology. The ability to assign cost codes and production quantities quickly in the field promotes efficiency which translates into YOU keeping more money in your budget, and less profit fade at the end of your project.


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Enhance Profit with MobiClocks®

Eliminating one $25 per hour ghost employee can save you $4,000 per month.


Our Story in Three Sentences

MobiClocks® was developed out of necessity by a team of construction executives who were left frustrated with the existing workforce management systems on the market that never seemed to work as promised.

They experienced a range of problems from poor quality devices with bad or no connectivity to software with limited functionality for the way they did business.

Their goal was to build a system to combat labor fraud and increase accuracy by using true Face Recognition technology, and additionally one which was durable, mobile and easy to use.

More Mobi Impact

Face Recognition

No need for fobs, fingerprints or RFID cards; MobiClocks® uses True Face Recognition technology which provides confidence that your employees are on site. Key fobs or RFID cards are easily passed to others for buddy punching. A little dishonesty every day can cost your business a lot of money every year. Shocking? Yes. And we couldn’t agree more. MobiClocks® identifies and verifies your employees at the point of punch within 2 seconds or less.


Geo-Fence & GPS Breadcrumbing

MobiClocks® uses multiple Geo-technologies including Geo-fence, Geo-location Stamps, and optional GPS Breadcrumbing features for your business needs. There are two types of Geo-fence shapes to choose from in MobiClocks®. One, a radial shape, two, is a fully customizable boundary to fit your jobsite requirements. A Geo-Stamp is logged at the time of every punch. The optional GPS Breadcrumbing can determine the route taken and the job sites visited by your workforce during working hours.


Flag Alert System

MobiClocks® workforce management system comes with an extensive flag alert system which detects problematic punches. The alerts are displayed on the main dashboard screen and are clearly visible and color coded. Flag Categories include missed punch, offline punch and failed punch among others. You decide which flags you want to see on the dashboard and easily hide the others.


Offline Punching

MobiClocks® has the ability to collect punch data even if the Kiosk App is not connected to the Internet. The punch is simply stored in the APP until a connection is re-established.


Customizable Union Pay Policies

MobiClocks® gives you the ability to create and customize complex union pay policies to fit your business needs. This automates the process and reduces the time and effort it takes to produce a payroll. For many companies laborious manual methods make payroll days involving union workers a huge task. Correctly allocating hours is difficult. MobiClocks® converts this into a manageable process to reduce the time and effort it takes to do payroll.


Roaming Employee

This feature on the Personal App is for mobile employees who visit multiple job sites and need to track the amount of time they spend at each location. The system detects when you leave a job site and and will prompt you to switch to your next location.


Practical Features, Innovative Design

MobiClocks® offers practical features for companies that employ a highly mobile workforce. Auto Jobsite Select, Advanced Cost Coding and MobiChat are just some of the exciting features that set MobiClocks® apart from the competition.

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Why Mobiclocks®?

MobiClocks® gives both field and office personnel a modern technology solution to efficiently manage workforce among other tasks. There are many features within the software that make combatting labor anomalies much easier. MobiClocks® was envisioned from its inception to be a labor productivity system for managing a large group of remote workers. It has quickly become a solution for an enterprise level distributed labor force.

Customer Reviews

Brian Riffe

Brian Riffe

VP of IT at Baker Construction Enterprises

MobiClocks® is an invaluable tool for our field and gives us confidence that our co-workers’ time is tracked efficiently and accurately. The MobiClocks® team has proven to be savvy and responsive when dealing with Baker Construction Enterprises which is a large and complex organization. We look forward to a long relationship.
Glenn Fellows

Glenn Fellows

CFO - Universal Forming

MobiClocks® has proven to be an outstanding business partner. They are very responsive when questions or issues arise, and their product works very well. We eliminated the cellular expense of the old job clocks and the expense of purchasing and managing the punch keys. The facial recognition capability is helping to eliminate time theft.
Sandra Gutierrez

Sandra Gutierrez

Human Resources - West Construction,lnc

Before MobiClocks® we were really struggling to get our Payroll submitted in a timely manner. Now we have no more paper time sheets, no more calling and emailing to get hours from the field. I finally feel like we have control over our Time and Attendance and MobiClocks® has cut our payroll processing time in half.
Jennifer Brownell

Jennifer Brownell

HR Manager – KD Construction of Florida, LLC

MobiClocks® makes time tracking easy, fast, and efficient for our employees and managers. The user interface is clean and well organized which makes working in the dashboard a breeze. The system really simplifies our payroll, job costing and also saves us a lot of time.
Jerry Parks

Jerry Parks

President - CGTL

MobiClocks® has streamlined our employee time tracking. We are able to verify who clocks in with facial recognition and also know where they are working due to the geo-fencing and GPS Tracking. Mobiclocks® also ties directly into Quickbooks which makes processing payroll a breeze.

See MobiClocks® In Action

MobiClocks® cloud-based system allows administrators and supervisors to manage their workforce from anywhere in the world. The innovative user interface design makes it easy to see all site locations at-a-glance, who is onsite, or if there is a problem with an attempted punch.

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How does the Face Recognition work?

MobiClocks® uses facial recognition algorithms to determine the identity of the worker who is punching by comparing it to a profile photo already on file in the system.

Which devices can I download the apps on?

MobiClocks® will work with most Apple or Android phones or tablets

How does the optional GPS tracking on the Personal app work?

The system will give a GPS stamp of each punch made. With the full optional tracking enabled, you will be able to see a breadcrumb trail of where the employee has been throughout the day. All tracking will cease as soon as the employee punches out.

Will employees be able to punch in from anywhere?

No, MobiClocks® is designed to allow punches only from inside a Geo-fence designated area. Although, you can configure the system to disable this feature.

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